Good for a Weekend: A Taylor Swift Podcast

The Selena Gomez Episode

July 29, 2021

Kressie and Ali talk all things Selena Gomez. From Selena's start on Barney & Friends, to her Disney Channel darling days, to her iconic friendship with Demi Lovato, all the way to her even more iconic friendship with none other than Taylor Swift. There is A LOT to cover about Selena Gomez. Let's all face it, Selena Gomez's friendship to Taylor Swift is the ultimate definition of #goals. We may mention the Jonas Brothers once or twice too.

Listen to find out if Dorothea is still the same soul we met under the bleachers. All on that and more in this episode of Good for a Weekend: The Selena Gomez Episode. You can find all of the sources used for this episode on

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