Good for a Weekend: A Taylor Swift Podcast

The Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds Episode

August 12, 2021

We talk about the friendship of our dreams: Blake Lively, Ryan Reynolds, and Taylor Swift. Did you know people actually thought Blake SHADED Taylor before they were friends? It didn't take long to set the record straight with Blake and Taylor's day off in Australia during the 1989 World Tour, birthday pies, romantic getaways with Ryan and Joe Alwyn, and of course, Taylor's infamous 4th of July parties. Following Blake's introduction of Ryan to Taylor, Ryan has appeared in Taylor's "You Need to Calm Down" music video, lent Taylor his Deadpool costume for Halloween, and even wore a shirt with Olivia and Meredith's face on it in his movie. We discuss everything about Taylor, Blake, and Ryan's early friendship all the way to the folklore album trilogy that announced Blake and Ryan's third child's name.

We introduce a new segment, Nightmare and Daydreams, at the end of the episode--which is sort of like our red light/green light or highs/lows, but with a fun Taylor twist!

  • Kressie's Daydream: Mike's Mic (
  • Ali's Daydream: Lake Street Dive (

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Special shout out to the podcasts Popcast with Knox and Jamie ( and Web Crawlers ( for being inspiring :') we love you!

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