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The Selena Gomez Episode

The Selena Gomez Episode

July 29, 2021

Kressie and Ali talk all things Selena Gomez. From Selena's start on Barney & Friends, to her Disney Channel darling days, to her iconic friendship with Demi Lovato, all the way to her even more iconic friendship with none other than Taylor Swift. There is A LOT to cover about Selena Gomez. Let's all face it, Selena Gomez's friendship to Taylor Swift is the ultimate definition of #goals. We may mention the Jonas Brothers once or twice too.

Listen to find out if Dorothea is still the same soul we met under the bleachers. All on that and more in this episode of Good for a Weekend: The Selena Gomez Episode. You can find all of the sources used for this episode on

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Taylor Swift Stan Drama: Fady

Taylor Swift Stan Drama: Fady

July 22, 2021

Big ol' trigger warnings for suicide, cyber-bullying, unsolicited dick pics, possible kidnapping… This content is not suitable for all audiences; viewer discretion is advised.

To kick off our new series, Taylor Swift Stan Drama, we're starting things off with one of the most iconic moments that's ever happened on Stan Twitter: Fady. Last summer, before Folklore was released, a well-known Taylor Swift fan account on Twitter disappeared. It was first reported that he had taken his own life, then later, he was kidnapped. What really happened? In this episode, Kressie utilizes her $30,000+ of debt for an English Literature and Communications degree to research what happened on this monumental week of Stan Twitter history, and attempts to relay her findings to Ali. Things get messy. Let's dive in!

This is all Twitter fandom drama, so take it with a grain of salt--everything in this story is alleged, as repeatedly said in the episode. Remember, people on the internet lie. There is no such thing as a reliable source in this story, so come to your own conclusions. Tell us what Taylor Swift fandom drama you'd like to hear next!

You can find all of the sources used for this episode at our website, Thank you to Tushar (@reputushion) for giving us permission to use his song "Fady's alive" for our outro music.

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Top Taylor Swift Tour Moments

Top Taylor Swift Tour Moments

July 8, 2021

We share our favorite iconic moments from Taylor Swift's performances over the years, including all the times Taylor has gotten caught in sticky situations and handled it flawlessly, the "Dear John" fireworks, the iconic guests of the 1989 World Tour, her beautiful covers like "Bette Davis Eyes" and "Drops of Jupiter," and much more. At the end of the episode, we speculate what Taylor's next tour will look like, and Ali shares her latest wild trilogy theory.

You can find all the sources used for this episode at our website,

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